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E-mail Marketing..

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is highly preferred digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and niche customers. Our Effective email marketing service convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Create More Leads With Beautiful-Responsive Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still considered to be one of the most result-oriented marketing mediums for generating leads and conversions. With just the right email templates and power-packed subject lines, email marketing campaigns could work wonders for your business.

RenoSofts is one of the most sought-after email marketing companies in India with a team that possesses extensive experience. We offer competitive bulk email marketing solutions to get our clients at the top of their game of branding. With our creative and relevant email marketing campaigns, we guarantee a prominent increase in leads.

1.Email Marketing Strategy Development

2.Creating Email List

3.Design and Development of Templates

  • Strategizing is the core part of marketing campaigns, and that remains true for email marketing as well. We, at RenoSofts.Com use data to strategize the approach of email marketing in accordance with various factors that reflect the click-through rates and ROI.
  • Using analytics and data collected from your sales team, we generate email lists according to the demographics, sales value, spending capacity, and other factors to reach the right audience in the right way. We will create marketing campaigns that align with the tone of the email list to make them more responsive and relatable.
  • With marketing automation tools at disposal, you may have a pool of options for email templates. However, RenoSofts.Com offers customization of email templates for businesses that decide to go that way. With our creative designers and developers, we assure you of the creativity, reliability, and feasibility of our templates.

4.Email Campaigns Tracking

5.Custom Email Content Creation

6.Report and Analysis

  • We use trusted email marketing automation tools that help us keep track of the campaigns closely. Our SEO specialists keep a close eye on the numbers associated with launched campaigns to keep track of their performance. The strategizing of the following campaigns highly depend on the track record of the current ones.
  • The number of click-throughs for email marketing campaigns solely depend on the quality of the copy. With clever designs, you also need a bang-on subject line to increase the ratio of open-clicks. We have copywriters with a knack for generating convincing email copies. Our custom email copies are bound to be a turn-around for your brand.
  • RenoSofts.Com is one of the major email marketing agencies in India, and we have reached there by continuously studying our performance. We analyze the results of the marketing campaigns carefully to report the outcome to our clients. RenoSofts.Com is diligent with client reporting to maintain transparency.

Price starts from :-

FREE - $ 0 / mo. 300 emails

MICRO - $ 50 / mo. 5,000 emails

BRONZE - $ 100 / mo. 12,000 emails

SILVER - $ 200 / mo. 28,000 emails

GOLD - $ 300 / mo. 60,000 emails

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