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Sambit Mohanty

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I’m Sambit and my Expertise in Digital Ads Expert is Specialist in Internet Marketing & SEO, Web Design & Development, Mobile Application,and more At Renosofts

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website​

Email is currently considered the second most effective medium of communication worldwide, behind face-to-face conversations.

This is why us marketers have been harnessing our email databases to deliver special offers or timely reminders of our expertise to users’ inboxes.

The problem with this approach is that newsletters, which up to very recently were the preferred tool in the email marketing , are becoming obsolete.

Taking their place will be Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)
Ad Types of Gmail Sponsored Promotions

There are five basic types of ads you can use within the Gmail Sponsored Promotions platforms.

Each ad type has its pros and cons but those with image plus text perform better.

1.Single Image Ads

2.Single Promotion Ads
3.Multi-Product Ads

4.Catalogue Ads

5.Custom HTML ads

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